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Unfortunately, kill marry fuc game the elevator opened, a Beast Monokuma emerged and attacked the man. After the girls defeated the Beast Monokumas, the man apologized for not accompanying them further but assured them that they would be fine. On his dying kill marry fuc game, he told Komaru and Toko fucc he has a child around their age and spider sex porn only regret was not being able to see her one last time. Komaru then found the man's handbook nearby, and inside discovered a picture of him and his child; she hoped gmae the child was all right, while Toko was silent due to knowing the child's fate and recommended they move forward.

The kill marry fuc game then entered the elevator, but just kill marry fuc game Toko wanted to talk with Komaru about Future Foundation, the elevator suddenly stopped. The girls forced the mmarry door open to find themselves in a dungeon where Jataro and the audience of Monokuma Kids waited for them.

Toko asked Mary why he wore his mask and told him to take it off, but Jataro refused, telling them that "if they look at his face, their eyeballs are gonna rot off" and asked aloud why else his mother forced him to wear the mask everyday unless he was ugly. Komaru replied angrily that hentai arcade games kids' doing is unforgivable, no matter their reasons.

The Monokuma Gam then boo at Jataro, making him more ecstatic due to being hated by even them.

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He summoned his robot, saying the kill marry fuc game one who liked kill marry fuc game was "Big Sis Junko. Feeling no remorse for Jataro, Komaru told Toko to go with her. Toko tried to warn Komaru about Future Foundation one final time but but forgot what she was going to say, instead proceeding to enter the code on the laptop so Komaru can speak with Future Foundation.

It seemed unable to connect, but just as Toko said they should fyc up, Makoto Naegi from Future Foundation 14th Division appeared on the screen. Makoto explained that he joined the Future Easy porno and also reveals that Sexy emo sex went to rescue Byakuya without orders from Future Foundation. Komaru realized that Makoto and Toko already knew each other and wondered why Toko didn't tell her, to which Makoto responded "that's Toko for you.

The hot wet hentai resolved to join Future Foundation and fight against the Remnants of Despairwho were trying to spread despair to the entire world. Toko suddenly cried after remembering the suffering of The Tragedy, while Komaru commented that she had no idea any of that happened due to her imprisonment.

Komaru begged for Makoto to remove her wristband and save her, but Toko interjected, saying that she would refuse to let this happen as it would put Master Byakuya in danger. She went as far as kill marry fuc game to kill Komaru, but by this point, the wireless connection had cut off.

Marryy kill marry fuc game the girls, the Monokuma Kids shuttered the windows and plunged the top floor into pure darkness. Luckily a Monokuma Kid dropped kill marry fuc game glow stick and tracked paint across the floor, kill marry fuc game Komaru and Toko to an emergency staircase.

This was a trap, however, as sxex video door exploded and briefly knocked the girls unconscious. Once they both awakened, Komaru shot a Bomber Monokuma, destroying a cracked window allowing them to escape to Towa Tower's second floor via ladder. They then cleared a touching xxx more of Monokuma Kid challenges before finally exiting Towa Tower.

Once outside, Komaru asked Toko whether she was serious about fkc her, to which Toko responded that she was certainly willing to kill a friend if it meant Byakuya's safety. This led to a short-term rift in the twos' friendship but they ultimately returned to the adults' secret base together, with Toko tailing Komaru for her own "reason. Upon their arrival at the secret base, the girls were greeted gamd adults giving them the cold shoulder. Shirokuma then appeared and brought them sexy female robots the conference room to speak with Haiji, who brought up a plan oill reason with the kids, which was immediately refused by the other adults.

Komaru tried to interactive breast expansion his idea but Toko reminded them that the children had no mercy whatsoever. In response, Haiji further insisted to lie in wait for a better opportunity to strike. Toko once again accused Haiji of being a weak leader, but Komaru sided with him, arguing that Toko did not understand the feelings of the weak.

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Before the situation escalated further, an adult broke in the conference room and kill marry fuc game that Monokumas had found their base and were already massacring adults. In response to Shirokuma's kill marry fuc game, Toko and Komaru kill marry fuc game expelling a large group of Monokumas from the base. Despite their efforts, however, Haiji had the two girls imprisoned as he believed they led the Monokumas back to the base to begin with.

Kill marry fuc game Komaru kidnapped by Kotoko, Toko decided to save her and infiltrated Kotoko's personal train. She finally encountered the fighter and while speaking to her, Toko used Kotoko's fineas and ferb porn word "gentle," causing her to lose her composure and call on her robot to fight the two girls.

Upon the robot's defeat, the Monokuma Kids attempted to ' punish ' Kotoko for losing, but Genocide Jack was instead able to save her for interrogation purposes.

Suddenly, Nagisa appeared and requested that Toko and Komaru leave the city. Already prepared to persuade MonacaNagisa simpsons naked pictures upon letting them escape in order for the Warriors of Hope's Children's Live fuck online to succeed.

After defeating Big Bang Monokuma, the two girls obtained the keys to the storeroom that imprisoned Byakuya. They ended up having an argument right outside the storeroom because of Komaru's wish to try to save both the enraged adults and the brainwashed children; Toko was extremely frustrated that after Komaru had so desperately wanted to get out of Towa City, she ended up wanting to protect the denizens of Towa City.

Toko doesn't appear in this game, having remained in Towa city with Komaru after the events of Danganronpa Another Episode: Kyoko mentioned her, telling Byakuya that someone is waiting for him to return.

Byakuya then told her not to remind him of "something so horrifying". Komaru is trying to force Toko to take a bath when they got a call kill marry fuc game Byakuya, who presumably informed them of Monaca's involvement in the Final Killing Game that was taking place at the Future Foundation's headquarters. Toko is running alongside Komaru as they battle through Monokuma's and make their way to Monaca's base.

Toko got tired of running, and used her taser to turn into Genocide Jack, attacking some Monokumas. She turned back into Toko after they clear away the Monokumas. As they make their way to Monaca's base, they encountered more Monokumas.

Toko said she can't lose this battle as Byakuya wanted her help. Toko then has a fantasy about her and Byakuya being together with eighteenth sons and a "mini-Komaru" that is Toko's friend and servant. Byakuya insults mini-Komaru, and says that Toko is more beautiful. As the two of them reached Monaca's surprisingly "stood out" hideout, Toko turned back into Genocide Jack to fight Monokumas, but they are overpowered, and escape into a room with a bunch of robots.

The lights turn on, and a giant curtain kill marry fuc game a large tv screen that Monaca appears on. Monaca welcomed them, and the robots turned on and move. Monaca talked about how she will destroy everyone's hope. Toko said she did behind everything, and Monaca declared sticky hentai as "Junko Enoshima II", and that she will bring Makoto to despair.

Toko pushed Komaru out of kill marry fuc game way as one of the robots fires a rocket. The robots close in on Toko and Komaru, and Monaca suddenly says kill marry fuc game surrendered, declaring hope will win, and detonated the robots, blowing up the top half of her fortress. Toko and Komaru saw a van and see that Monaca is in it.

Toko asked if Monaca wanted to be the Ultimate Despair. Monaca answered that she found the whole hope and despair thing embarrassing, and wants to forget it. Toko demand she tell them everything.

fuc game marry kill

Toko and Komaru learned that Monaca wasn't the mastermind, killed the real Miaya Gekkogaharaand knew that a survivor from the Killing School Life might die because of Makoto.

Monaca said she knows who, but refuse to tell them. Toko turned into Genocide Jack, but Monaca escapes. Toko and Komaru take control of the fake Miaya Gekkogahara to tell Makoto. Toko contacts Byakuya and also tells him what Monaca said.

After contacting Byakuya, Toko joins Komaru, who is currently talking to Makoto. Hearing Komaru support her brother, Kill marry fuc game comments that all their brother-sister talk was giving her goosebumps.

Toko and Komaru are seen watching Ryota Kill marry fuc game 's hope brainwashing video on g6 porn laptop back at the hotel. Toko and Aoi both helped move boxes of materials, although Toko became exhausted. Komaru offered each of them a drink, Toko responded in thanks and began to kill marry fuc game swiftly.

Toko is thrown into complete darkness. Suddenly, a huge roller appears between the kill marry fuc game of them. Though Toko tries danny phantom hentai to escape, the roller catches up with her and presses her paper-thin, killing her. This execution is only described in the Danganronpa Visual Fanbook. Toko dislikes Jack because they share the same body, and gme could be accused for Jack's murderous actions.

She blames Gake for her isolation from her peers hentai porn toon their uncleanness. She will do anything to fyc Jack concealed to prevent her from getting out erotic sex slaves killing people. The two share certain kill marry fuc game, such as their obsession with Having sex with santa and dislike of Yasuhiro and Aoi.

Kameko was Toko's pet stink bug, and was the one she cared about most, which kill marry fuc game shown when she became her Captive. Toko was also the only one who could stand Kameko's stench. When Kameko's "Hit List" entry is discussed with Hiroko, Toko gets unusually emotional, showing just how strongly she cared for the mxrry.

She is offended when Kameko is called a bug and she calls Kameko her dear insect friend, "a friendsect". She believes that Kameko is a special insect that can understand her feelings, but Hiroko and Komaru make her realize that Kameko mary just a normal bug. Maarry, Toko misses her pet dearly and wishes to see her again. Toko appears and helps Kilp through the Demon Hunting game. She constantly calls her "Omaru" instead of her real name. Komaru respects Toko and admires her as a strong, skilled and amazing person, and doesn't even seem kill marry fuc game mind her serial marrj split personality as she considers her "just a bit strange, that's all", though Toko strongly disagrees and says that she is nothing like that.


marry game kill fuc

At first, Toko finds Komaru and her occasional slow-wittedness and gullible nature irritating, along with her tendency to call herself "normal girl" and breaking down crying when things get bad. However, she also gives Komaru support and encourages her to improve during such tough situations. When Toko "officially" agrees to assist Komaru, she hugs Toko in happiness, which makes Toko kill marry fuc game due to her not being used to physical contact.

Toko is also noted to make titfuck of the decisions, due to Komaru being too unsure to do that. She also remains rather silent about many topics, even if she is actually familiar with them. She is also strongly annoyed by Komaru's love for manga, because she hates them.

In Chapter 2, Toko is shown to be suspicious of Shirokuma and appears slightly protective of Komaru due to her gullible nature. After they enter the Resistance's secret base, Toko and Komaru sleep the night in the same bed, though Toko feels cold because Komaru stole her blanket while hentai girls in bikinis. Komaru agrees to assist Shirokuma and the Resistance with newfound confidence, surprising Toko and making her uncomfortable, because she does not want to contact the Future Foundation.

Later, when the two manage to contact Makoto in Chapter 3, Toko even threatens Komaru's life in order to protect Byakuya who is currently the enemy's hostage. After getting out of the building and the danger, the two have a big argument over this, as Toko claims she is serious about her threat if needed. Komaru is shocked that Toko would kill her friends, but Toko just seems to assume sdsdsdsds games Komaru is only trying to manipulate her with nice words such as "friends".

Saddened, Komaru tries to tell Toko that she truly does trust her, and Toko appears to feel slightly bad but stays silent. When Toko accuses Komaru of doing nothing on her own, but Komaru thinks that is way too mean to say, because she has done some things too. Toko asks if Komaru is expecting kill marry fuc game to thank her or something and claims she has never done that to anyone.

In the heat of the moment, Komaru shouts that is the reason why Toko doesn't have any friends. Kill marry fuc game is shocked and hurt by kill marry fuc game, and then tries to claim that she wants to be alone and would rather die alone than be with a coward like Komaru.

However, she still continues to follow Komaru to the Resistance's base, claiming that she has to. However, the two remain mostly silent during the whole way back. When Toko accuses Haiji of cowardice back in the Resistance, Komaru kill marry fuc game speaks back to her, sympathizing with the Resistance's weak people. This seems to shock Toko a bit, as she assumed Komaru would be on her side.

Komaru accuses Toko of not understanding the weak and blaming them for it, but Toko says that she simply blames them for using their weakness as an excuse.

Toko is angered and offended when Komaru says that she doesn't understand weak people, stating that she is obviously very weak too, but has stopped using it as an excuse and tries to survive. A bit later, after Genocide Jack saves Komaru from Kotoko, Komaru breaks down crying and apologizes for saying horrible things like that Toko doesn't have any friends. The kill marry fuc game then make up and work together again. In Chapter 4, after Nagisa decides to help the two escape, Toko hesitantly seems to be willing to let Komaru go and leave the city.

However, the Servant appears and it's revealed that Toko was forced to assist Komaru and bring her to the children's base, so that she can be exchanged with Byakuya. Komaru is shocked to hear that Toko has lied to her the whole time, with Toko obviously feeling very guilty. However, she then continues to speak mean words and even attacks Komaru with the aid of Genocide Jack, but Komaru realizes she isn't being serious kill marry fuc game wants to give Komaru a chance to escape and make her own decision.

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Genocide Jack and Toko kill marry fuc game decide to turn against the Servant, claiming that they wish to protect Komaru and Byakuya. In turn, Komaru decides not to hold the supposed betrayal against Toko, as she was forced to do it, and decides to stay with Toko because they are friends. Toko is immensely happy by this and blushes shyly, because she has never had a real friend before. Afterwards, she thanks Komaru very genuinely for the first magic sword makoto kill marry fuc game begins to call her Komaru instead of the somewhat insulting nickname Omaru.

After this, the two become real friends, with Komaru trying to teach Toko about friendship, with the two still a bit comically bickering at times.

fuc kill game marry

Toko begins to be more nice towards Komaru and genuinely considers her an gmae important person to her, rivaling her love for Byakuya. In Chapter 5, Toko has also shyly claimed while blushing that Komaru has made her happy and it's indicated kill marry fuc game Komaru has helped Toko's mental state greatly.

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In Chapter 5, Toko snaps Komaru gake of it in the time of despair, and swears to help Komaru whenever hetai series can't do something on her kill marry fuc game just like Komaru would do for her. Toko gives Komaru a very warm, genuine smile and hugs her, which is extremely notable coming from Toko who normally hates hugs and being touched.

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