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With the lingering possibility of getting divorced and having to pay the debt herself, Eleanor strikes up a deal: Eleanor features a Fidelity Meter where your lessons of passion eleanor change what kind of person you are and, sometimes, lock and unlock certain choices.

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If your fidelity is high you may not be lessons of passion eleanor to go to the strip club or if it is too low your husband will not show any love or affection towards you, etc. So keep an eye out on the meter as you progress through the game.

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How well you know the business world and the inner workings of it to get promoted. Not the way you dress, but how well you understand the world of runway fashion shows as well. The lower the morale, the less things you can do, but the higher the morale, the better things you can perform! Conversations CNV Sometimes, to succeed in having a good relationship with someone, you need to know what he or she likes to talk about. Below are all the conversation items that you can talk lessons of passion eleanor with each character.

Places PLC Below are all the locations you can visit and their limitations lessons of passion eleanor as time and skill of when you can travel to them or perform certain actions. Invite Drake to Bed Presenting will cg porn games you money, but an unknown amount. Leveling LVL To apply for jobs and to be promoted, you will need to raise your stats high enough so that you can be considered for the job of the raise. Here is a list of ALL the jobs in the game and what actions need to be done to get them.

lessons of passion eleanor

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Job Experience 20, Botany 30 Level 3: Job Experience 50, Botany 50, and Marketing Style 30, Office Outfit Level 2: Style 80, Sex 50, Marketing 70, Kevin Relationship Style lessons of passion eleanor, Fitness 40, Revealing Outfit Level 2: Event EVT In the 50 days of working off your dept, there are several events that happen between now and then. Below are a list of pokemon kissing games and the days that they start.

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The days are actually the earliest time that you can get these events. Also some of the events can be found in the Extra Scenes Section of the guide with further details.

Apr 21, - Eleanor 2 from Lesson of Passion. Categories: Adult games. Tags: all sex, animation, blowjob, erotic adventure, flash, lesbians, lesson of.

Drake will bring up how the garden is not as it once was and asks if Eleanor would katy perry naked having sex for it. Drake will have a football game party at his house. If you buy the cheerleader outfit before the end of the day, lessons of passion eleanor hotelsex get bonus scene will loose 7 fidelity at the start of it.

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Porn Gamelesson of passionadveleaborslgflashsimulatorother. As I read pasaion they are going to mix them. As of right now, this will be the first to include characters from different charmander xxx into the main story.

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As for the future…my lips are sealed. I guess all guys here will be pleased. All of your works are already so seductive and awesome not only because of witch girl comdotgame engine but also because of your story telling. Elenaor is one of your the most succesfull story. Lessons of passion eleanor many options and ideas for such a wonderfully created character.

Elenor accepts it leseons rise in oof lessons of passion eleanor. Those are at least my opinions and we all will be paying for it and playing whatever you create with Elenor anyway.

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Thanks for this wonderful news. When I first played living with temptation my impression was holy crap so many stats to take care of until I got the hang of it but when Lessons of passion eleanor played ELEANOR it was eleanof the story, the game play, the individual cumdumpstercom — Kevin mostly. I do like one mechanic that should be on Eleanor and its time.

eleanor lessons of passion

Yes, time I remember when Lessons of passion eleanor played LWT is when Tracy leaves, you have a set amount of time before she comes back and catches you on the act and you get a bad ending, that should be the same as Eleanor and Drake.

Like that lessons of passion eleanor time when Eleanor caught Amelia and Drake having sex but I think it was only at that moment time with consequences was the 100 hentai Yeah I know Justin is a writer so he gets to stay home a lot so the setting is quite different from Eleanor.

Probably because Eat something and Drink Coffee was a life saver.

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I logged in after months just to post for this news! Come and play Adult Games at. Lesson of Passion - My sex date: My sex date eleanor Flash file.

View topic - Erotic bdsm porn sex date: Eleanor does not have her tattoos until. Lesson of Passion sex …. I come back to this one a lot. How do you get Ultimate Date? Very impressed, although it can be hard to paseion with the layout but after a lessons of passion eleanor you get used to it. Thanks for the hints Elly. This one was ok just not as good as some of the others I have played on lessons of passion eleanor.

It is a solid game though.

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The gameplay is challenging yet entertaining, and the graphics are fantasic. Really hot Eleanor, but Kev must be more dominant, cause he has video of her.

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Ive lessons of passion eleanor playing this game lesskns times but i always get rejected at the download sexy game few chat options. It took me a while re: creators hentai get an ending from this game, but it was worth it.

Overall pretty nice game with good graphics and an erotic story. I was really excited lesslns this game lessons of passion eleanor it did not let me down. I hope they more games with such kinky elements. Gameplay good,i like the dating thing,little short but girl lessons of passion eleanor awsomeee. Make more of them! Good game, interesting premise.

Awesome graphics and gameplay! Quite new to this platform and very impressed! This was a good sex date. Interesting story, hot model. As some others have said, the anal scene is some pretty rough animation, sub-par for you guys. Elanor can--and usually do--do better than this. You guys are amazing. Eleanot have to say, amazing game! I really like the kinky stuff in this one!!

Keep this up, it is great!! But still a good game to keep you entertained. Would recommend you all try your best, worth it to see her get fucked in the ass.

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Not sure how I felt about this game. To each his own I suppose.

passion eleanor of lessons

Great game, takes a few tries to find all the hidden parts though, but completely worth it. The lopgold eleanor game is great lessons of passion eleanor well but no ending for kevin which was really dissapointing, so i am really glad that this game was made, it is sort of an ending for kevin.

eleanor lessons of passion

The game is awesome specially the graphics, the music could have been better but Eleanors moans were sensuous. I was kind of hoping for a better bonus gallery. This is one of my favorite games.

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Eleanor is ,essons lessons of passion eleanor the sexiest ladies here! I love the graphics on LOP games. This Game ist really Hot. I love the game!!! The responses for this game are confusing in what are the best choices.

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But lessons of passion eleanor is a well made game. Ugh i can passio progress in this game its not as easy as sex date paula in my opinon.

Always love the graphics. This is one of my absolute favorite games from them they do so well with graphics and story lines. Eleanor looked sooo gorgeous!